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The Association of Minakata Kumaugusu Archives has been conducting primary researches and cataloguing of materials and collected books housed in former residence of Minakata Kumaugusu (1867-1941), Tanabe, Wakayama, from 1992 to 2005.

[The Completion of our Association (2005. 4)]

[Photo: Drawing of Kumaya's room]

Photo: Drawing of Kumaya's room (on the appendix page of his Diary, 1924)

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[Photographs of other materials in Minakata Kumagusu Archives]

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Investigation in Kumagusu's Residence & in the Memorial Hall (1996-) <2> [New photo: 2005. 2. 7]

* Kumagusu's Specimens of American higher plants left in his former residence <3>


Articles related to Kumagusu <4>


Studies on Minakata Kumagusu: our Bulletin <5>

* SMK No 7 (Latest: Just Out on March 2005) <6>

* A Catalogue of Minakata Kuamgusu Library [Out on Aug 2004] & A Catalogue of Minakata Kuamgusu Materials [Just Out on March 2005]


Books on Kumagusu <7>

* Bibliography on Kumagusu <8> [in Japanese]

* Minakata Kumagusu: A keyword dictionary [New contents: 2005. 5. 8]


Regular Meetings & Workshops <9>

* Oto mountain road - Nachi, Katsuura 2003. 7.26-27 <Field notes> [New report: 2004.10.29 (currently in Japaense)]


Family: Okamoto Seizo & Minakata Fumie


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A Japanese Translation of Minakata Kumagusu's Engish treatises for 'Nature' magazine (Shueisha) [Just out: 2005.12.15]

The Forest of Minakata Kumagusu (Hojodo) [Just out: 2005.11]

Hashizume Hiroyuki Minakata Kumagusu and 'Koto no gaku' (Choeisha) [Just out: 2005.11]

"A Catalogue of Minakata Kumagusu Library" and "A Catalogue of Minakata Kumagusu Materials" awarded 'Gesner Award' [2005.11.16]

Announcement of The fifth Minakata Kumagusu Seminar (commemorating the 40th anniversary of Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Hall in Shirahama) [2005.11.13]

"Kokubungaku" Magazine Aug 2005: Special Issue on Minakata Kumagusu 'Styles of Natural History' [Just out: 2005. 7.11]

Publication of the Catalogues of Minakata Kuamgusu Library & Materials [Out Now] [2005. 4.28 updated]

Kumagusu's unknown letters to Toki (or Dogi) Horyu found [2005. 3.31]

Minakata Kumagusu Institute: Japanese official name decided [2004. 9. 1]

Three sacred sites and pilgrimage routes in the Kii mountain region (Wakayama, Nara and Mie prefectures) have been recognized as new UNESCO World Heritage sites [2004. 7. 2]

Iikura Shohei, the chairman of our association, has been awarded with the fourteenth Minakata Kuamgusu Award, Special Prize by Minakata Kumagusu Residence Commemoration Foundation. [2004. 2.20]

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