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Regular Meetings & Workshops

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* Workshops on particular topics, serial discussion seminars and regular meetings managed by or participated by the members of the association of Minakata Kumagusu archives, - some of which habitually end up being a more laid-back gathering of 'birds of a feather'...

* Please note that the external webpages hyper-linked below are mostly in Japanese.

Kumagusu Honji no kai (Manuscript Reading Group) in Tokyo

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A reading group of Kumagusu's letters to Koaze Shiro, one of his most important supporters both financially and academically (especially in connection with his researches on myxomycetes). The group started in 1999. In the academic year 2002, the group is gathering monthly (first or second Saturdays of every month) in Tokyo.

Drink parties, held as usual after each session, are also lively and stimulating.

For more details, please refer to the web page of the Kumagusu Honji no kai in Tokyo. [Link to an external site]

Kumagusu Honji no kai (Manuscript Reading Group) in Tanabe

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Another reading group of Kumagusu's diary and other autographic documents. Under the supervision of Mr Nakase Hisaharu (executive of the Minakata Kumagusu Residence Commemoration Foundation), meetings are held monthly at Tanabe City Hall. Currently, the group is reading through his diary in Taisho period.

Among the achievements up to now, "Minakata Kumagusu diary, January - April 1919" has been published on "Kumagusu Kenkyu" No 6.

Currently they are striving towards the first publication of their studies of on

Serial workshop "Learning after Kumagusu" at Nara Women's University

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A series of workshops entitled "Learning after Kumagusu", an invitational lecture and following discussion for each session, is being carried on since 2000 at Nara Women's University, graduate school of Human Cultures. 5 lectures have been conducted until March 2003.

Further information is presented in the pwebage of "Learning after Kumagusu". [in Japanese]

Kumagusu Kansai

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A discussion/free-talk group of the researchers in various areas interested in Kumagusu, which was started in 2001 by the participants of our association in Kansai area. The meetings are held once a month (chiefly on a Friday night) in Osaka.

In the academic year 2003, the group is reading the unpublished part of Kumagusu's diary following the previous year as well as holding the discussion seminar.

Further information can be found on the web site of Matsui Ryugo, the manager. [Link to an external site]

Field Notes: after the trail of Kumagusu's field works

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Some members of our research crew are conducting occasionally the improvisational field works of trailing the footpath of Kumagusu's out-door biological observations and collectings. The records of these activities, together with photographs and comments, though not highly systematic, are presented under the title of Field notes as an alternate approach to Kumagusu's unknown activity and thoughts.

... and more tours are to be followed.

Special Exhibition "The Forest of Minakata Kumagusu"

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Ryukoku University Open Research Center (or ORC, a research collaboration with Ministry of Education and Science of Japan) will present a special exhibition "The Forest of Minakata Kumagusu" [Link to an external site: two graphic images of 153KB and 186KB included] at CHSR Padma, the Exhibit Hall (Fukakusa, Kyoto) from 7 June to 1 August 2004. Illustrations of Kumagusu's biological field works in Kii peninsula, Japan, from 1900 to 1911 are to be displayed, besides the exhibition of related materials and interactive digital installations. Symposium sessions are currently being planned.


From 7 June (Mon) to 1 August (Sun) 2004

Opening hour:

10 AM - 4 PM


CHSR Padma, Ryukoku University Fukakusa campus
(at Takeda-Kubo traffic cross, 300m east of Kuina-bashi metro stn)

Closing on:

Every Thursday

* Term finished. We thank you for so many visitors. (2004. 8. 2)

* A collection of papers based on the exhibition, "The Forest of Minakata Kumagusu" is shortly to be published. For details, see: Information of "The Forest of Minakata Kumagusu" [in Japanese].(2005.11.29)

Minakata Kumagusu Seminar

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... is being conducted biannually, since 1997, jointly by Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Hall and Minakata Kumagusu Residence Commemoration Foundation (office: c/o Cultural Promotion Division, Education Committee of Tanabe City [Link to an external site]). A Report on the First Workshop in 1997, by Matsui Ryugo, is presented in the category of Articles related to Kumagusu.


Click the above image to view the brochure wide.

[Recent Seminars]

The Third Workshop was held on Saturday the 24 November 2001 at the Arena of the Garden Hotel "Hanayo", Tanabe City.

"Minakata Kuamgusu's Message - 100 years after Minakata's return from the West -"

The Fourth Workshop was held on Sunday the 23 November 2003 at the Arena of the Garden Hotel "Hanayo", Tanabe City.

"Minakata Kuamgusu's Message to our 21st Century" [Link to an external site]

The bus tour 'Visiting Minakata in Kumano Kodo' and the Guided Exhibition of the Minakata Kumagusu Residence, both organised by the Minakata Kumagusu Residence Commemoration Foundation, were also held on 22 November (Sat), the day before the seminar.

The Fifth Workshop was held on Sunday the 13 November 2005 at Koganoi Bay Hotel, Shirahama, Wakayama.

"Minakata Kuamgusu's Message - in celebration of the 40th anniversary of Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Hall -"

The guided bus tour 'Minakata's Footpath in Sounth Kii Peninsula (Tanaka Shrine, Yagami Oji Shrine, Sanjo Shrine, etc)', organised by the Minakata Kumagusu Commemoration Foundation, was also held on 12 November (Sat), the day before the seminar.

We thank all the participants and supporters.

Announcement for two local culture lectures - Fall 2005 -

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In the fall of 2005, two town culture lectures on Minakata Kumagusu will be held in Toyonaka (Osaka) and Nagoya, titled 'Minakata Kuamgusu - an end of the legend' (Toyonaka) and 'An invitation to Folklore - Yanagita Kunio and Minakata Kumagusu' (Nagoya).

Please see a separate page for details. [in Japanese]

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