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Mycologist Tour Tanabe-Mizugami-Imoo-Koya



On 19-20 October 2003, a few members of our association conducted a two-day tour from Tanabe through Mizugami and Imoo to Koya in order to trace afield the mycological researches of Minakata Kumagusu. The tour was planned jointly by the participants of the data-base construction team of a Kagaku Kenkyu Hi (governmental academic grant) project for Kumagusu's mycological drawings in National Museum of Science, Botanical department, and our associates who are following Kumagusu's biological - ecological researches, who were to gather in Tanabe on 18 October to hear the final competition for the architectural plan of Minakata Kumagusu Institute (working name).

Joined by researchers of various academic areas from autographic documents to mycological taxonomy, the tour ended with the fruitful results beyond any preceding expectations. Following pages are a photo-reportage of the tour.

Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Hall

Shirahama 2003.10.18

On the day before the tour, the mycological drawings team (Hagiwara, Iwasaki, Tanaka) had visited Minakata Kuamgusu Kinenkan (Commemoration Hall) in Shirahama.

[Photo: Hagiwara & Iwasaki in front of Kinenkan] [Photo: People of Kinenkan]

[Left] 9:30. Visited Kinenkan first in the morning (on time up to this moment). [Photo: Iwasaki, holding hands behind his back, and Hagiwara with a shoulder bag. The secret contents of the bag were to be disclosed on next day.]

[Right] 12:00. Friendly visit to Kinenkan. Hagiwara (crouching to observe small lives), Mr Wada (the director, behind), Mr Itani (the head secretary, near standing). Besides abundant items in the exhibition floor, talks with the people of Kinenkan were so joyous that we eventually missed lunch. Instead, we walked along around the Hall to look for myxomycetes.

Photo & texts: Tanaka Nobuya

The final open competition for the architectural plan of Minakata Kumagusu Institute (working name)

Tanabe 2003.10.18

The final competition - presentation and open discusstion - for the architectural plan of Kumagusu Institute of Tanabe City was held on Saturday 18 October in the afternoon at Tanabe Youth Centre. Five teams of architects had passed the preliminary selection. Discussions of the committee (consisting of three professional architects, one Kumagusu specialist, one representative of Minakata Kumagusu Residence Commemoration Foundation, and Head Secretary of Tanabe City) were fully open to bublic from the beginning to the final decision.

[Photo: Audience in the floor]

A moment before the presentation started. Most audience were reported to come from outside Wakayama ken.

[Photo: Nagai san] [Photo: the Mayor]

Nagai san, today's MC, announced the beginning (left) and Mr Wakinaka, the mayor, held a speech (right).

[Photo: Members of committee]

Brave members of the selection committee in the sharp arguments before the eye of the public.

[Photo: candidates]

Architects of five candidate teams listening to the committee's discussion after their presentations. There was no proposal lacking its own character and attractiveness. However, the brutally severe natural condition of Tanabe might perhaps be beyond their expectation.

The final result has been announced on the site of Bunka Shinko ka, Tanabe City Educational Committee.

[Link] Minakata Kumagusu Institute (working name) architectural plan competition, final decision. [in Japanese]

[Link] The result of preliminary selection for the architectural plan competition. [in Japanese] * Plans of the five candidate teams (including the final selection) and five next-to-candidate plans are presented.

Photo & texts: Tamura Yoshiya

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