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Throughout our website, the single numbers or characters following the clickable (hyper-linked) words, quoted by < >, are the accesskeys. * (Additional notes at the bottom of the page.)

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---> see: Japanese Site Map <9> [http://www.aikis.or.jp/~kumagusu/map.html]

* Some web browsers have a function of following the hyper-links with an accesskey directly by pressing the assigned characters on the keyboard (ie without choosing the target link with mouse or tab key). Particular usage differs according to the implementation of your web browser - for example, pressing the assigned character together with 'Alt' (Internet Explorer for Windows - for recent versions, then pressing 'Enter' -, Mozilla/5 & Netscape 6 or higher for Windows), just pressing the assigned character with 'Ctrl' (Internet Explorer, Mozilla/5 & Netscape 6 or higher for Macintosh, &c), or pressing solely the assigned character (some PDA/mobile phone built-in browsers and a few web browsers on personal computers).

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