Investigations of Minakata Kumagusu Archives

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* The records of our investigation workings on the Kumagusu archives housed in the former residence of Kumagusu (Minakata Kumagusu Residence Commemoration Foundation, Tanabe) as well as on relating items possessed by other parties are presented here.

Working Records: Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Hall

We carried out investigations on items formerly possessed by the philosopher, now housed in the Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Hall (Shirahama, Wakayama), and compiled the catalogue (published on March 1998). The record of the second working, in which substantially the most part of investigation was done, is presented here.

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the 2nd investigation working in Kumagusu Memorial Hall (1996.12.25-12.27)

Catalogue, cover page

Cover page of Catalogue of the articles, Minakata Kumagusu Memorial Hall - materials and books - (Link to: Publication Information of the Memorial Hall [in Japanese])

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