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Minakata Kumagusu drawing fungi

[Photo: Kumagusu drawing fungi]

This picture (13th November 1931, owned by Tanabe City) is one of many photographs of Kumagusu filed in three albums, apparently soon after his death (29th Dec 1941), and preserved in Minakatas' residence for nearly sixty years since then. It is recorded that Imai Sanshi (1900-1976) took this picture when he visited Kumagusu. Imai was a mycologist of Hokkaido Imperial University who remained in close contact with Kumagusu through the latter half of his life.

The philosopher, now aged 64, wearing eyeglasses, is drawing botanical specimens, concentrated while relaxed, curiously holding a cigar between his lips. Although he in fact preferred to be photographed in the smoking posture, such an image of Kumagusu smoking during working as this is rare. (Tamura Yoshiya)

The picture presented in this page is owned by Tanabe City, by whom all rights are reserved.

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